DIY Patio Chairs

The number of crafts I have saved on Pinterest is insane. And when I say crafts... well, that’s relative. They range from small projects to house projects. I have the same patio chair saved several different ways, too. I showed my boyfriend the patio chairs awhile ago and it’s been “on our list”, but we’ve … Continue reading DIY Patio Chairs


Layered: Red Velvet Cake

Last year my friend Shameka told me that she loved red velvet cake. So for her birthday, I decided to make one. It had been awhile since I’d attempted a red velvet cake and I wasn’t quite sure how it would go. Ultimately, it went really well until I went to take the cake out … Continue reading Layered: Red Velvet Cake

Cabinet Refresh

About six months ago (maybe more...I have very little concept of time) we went to our local Habitat Restore to check things out. Naturally we bought a massive hutch for $150. Since then, we’ve been using the bottom of the hutch as a buffet in our super open kitchen and the top is being used … Continue reading Cabinet Refresh