I’ve already failed!

So, it’s day six on the ultimate blog challenge and I’ve failed miserably! I have good reasons though…okay…they are more excuses, but that’s life, right?

As I’m sure that the world is aware of the Casey Anthony trial. Considering I live in Florida and live on social media, this has been the case of my state and my generation. I know everyone has their own opinions on this event, but I’ve been up to date on this since day one, especially since for the past six weeks my boyfriend has been living and breathing these events. BUT I am really upset with the outcome. I don’t believe she’s not guilty, and I think this was a poor, poor decision. I’m not saying the way things are done is wrong, but I believe in this one instance, that things didn’t work out. You don’t have to hide the child’s body if she accidentally drowned. You certainly do not need to apply duct tape on her mouth if it was an accident. Just saying.

On top of the state events, I’ve been sick, which means I should have had plenty of time to blog, but instead I have been sleeping A LOT and playing this awesome iPad game named “Tiny Tower”. Yeah, own an iPhone? iPad? Download it. Own any other piece of technology? Sorry, I have no clue if it works on that. Don’t download it if you actually have things going on in your life, it’s so addictive it’s insane. (I have 16 floors, hurry it up people).

Thankfully, @curtisthefish, my boyfriend, made the bed for me so I could come home and pass out, so I’m probably about to do that. Sickness is overwhelming and unfortunate. I could be so productive if I was well.

Before I pass out though, I will just address how upset I am that I will not be able to put the Lion OS on my mac. I can honestly say how much I adore my mac. It feels like just yesterday I was opening it (on the day of my high school graduation). It still works wonderfully and I absolutely can’t believe it’s been considered outdated. It’s as if my baby is all grown up…I’d say I now know how my mother feels about me, but let’s be honest, I don’t. If you’re wondering if your mac is outdated, macworld has a nice little article about it. If you’re one of the lucky ones, well…CONGRATS and the article does outline how to get ready for the new OS.

Hopefully I’ll stop crying about the Casey Anthony verdict and my outdated mac in the upcoming weeks. As of my cold, hopefully that’s over…tomorrow. Yup, I don’t wish to keep it any longer. Either way…

Have a wonderful today and an even better tomorrow.



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