Trend of this blog: I love technology.

While I’ve always been interested in computers, music players, TV’s, etc., but it never really clicked that I was that geeky girl.

I check CNET, mashable, wired, techcrunch and gizmodo everyday.

On twitter, I have a tech feed and I’m constantly trying to stay on top of things. With a full class load at school and full time work, this hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do.

One of my favorite experiences was when my boyfriend walked through the steps of me upgrading the hard drive in my computer. I cleaned out some of the dust, made sure all the screws were in the appropriate order, and addressed any necessary wires.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to be a girl in the tech world.

Having worked at two tech retail companies, I know that there is a certain stigma about women. I’ve had to deal with both women, and men, choosing not to work with me because I’m female. This could have been because they didn’t believe in women in the workplace (yup, that’s an issue to some people) or because they didn’t believe I could service them as well as a guy (in general topics) or because they didn’t think I could handle the tech questions.

There was one experience where I was helping a gentleman and answered all of his questions. I suppose he didn’t believe my answers because he told me that he would speak with one of my male counterparts “because he probably actually knew what he was talking about.” Thankfully, I have always worked with pretty awesome people who have stood up for me.

It’s also neat that my family and friends are supportive, or at least deal with, the crazy excitement I get about new announcements or techy things. (I do love betas and trying new gizmos). Sometimes all it encompasses is a smile-and-nod, but hey, at least it’s not a um-don’t-you-know-that-you’re-a-girl?

(Just in case you weren’t sure, I do know. I buy and occasionally wear make-up. I have a slight shoe obsession and way too many clothes. I enjoy spas and getting my hair done. But I also believe that guys can enjoy any of these as well.)

I got a little carried away, but now for the original purpose of my post: yesterday, I put iOS5 on my iPhone and iPad.

While it’s not an insane accomplishment because a lot of other people do it too, I am really happy with what I was able to do. I’ve always been more of the reader, observer, and checker-outer of all things geeky. Yesterday, I was actually able to put my intense passion into action.

While the developer page has some pretty awesome directions, there are quite a few things that aren’t mentioned. Because of these unmentioned things, it’s actually quite difficult to put the beta on the phone if you haven’t done it before. (Props to people on google for helping me out on that one.)

Once I got it to work, my entire demeanor changed. I felt entirely recharged and excited. Now, I really want to learn objective-C and attempt to make an application, just simple in order to see what I can do.

I know I might be a little late on learning how to do these things, but I’m immensely excited about learning new things about the techy things I enjoy. After all, it’s not just about passion, it’s about action, too. And it really will be awesome to know how things actually work by learning how they work in the first place.

What are you learning, outside of school or work, that you’re passionate about?



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