I live in a hole

For the past two weeks I’ve really been living in a hole.

This has included doing A LOT (of not much…)

  1. I’ve caught up on TV shows I couldn’t watch while I was drowning in school and homework. This includes many award winning shows such as:
    Teen Mom
    Say Yes to the Dress
    Everything on Investigation Discovery
    90’s Nickelodeon
    (& Many more winners)
  2. Applying to a lot of really cool jobs. I’m not going to say what or where, but I’m applying for jobs that meet what I’m looking for; a) I can bring a lot to the table; b) I can learn A LOT and c) with companies I believe in (I do a lot of research about the companies I apply for).
  3. Bringing back some editing with my mum’s blog.
  4. Re-learning some HTML. This is a little interesting. When I was 12-14 I knew a lot of HTML. AOL has these blank user pages and you could do whatever you wanted with it. Somehow I spend a lot of time using HTML to make pathetic 12-14 year old type websites that were all about my friends and me. Unfortunately I really haven’t done it in a really long time, so I’m working on it again – not for sites about my friends and me though!
  5. Bringing back Photoshop & InDesign. Attempting to learn Illustrator.
    …Yeah, I’m working on some stuff 🙂
  6. I want to learn C! But I need to do 2-5 first. BUT if anyone has some good (& preferably free!) learning tools, I’d really appreciate it!
Maybe one of these days I’ll get out into the sun?
But seriously, I am looking into some volunteering ventures…so, again, any ideas are welcome!

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