post graduate motivation

Are you a recent graduate who is feeling a little down about the job market?

It’s okay. Even when the job market wasn’t completely miserable, it’s always a little unnerving to apply for jobs and wait for some feedback. Here’s the thing, though. Set aside time to apply for jobs, maybe in the morning if that’s your best time, maybe at night, but try not to feel so stressed about it that you can’t focus on other things. Trust me, this is really hard. Sometimes you get stuck and you want to dwell on the calls that haven’t been returned, but how is that helping you?

Here’s a few things you can try to get out and about.

Network. Get out there! Even if you’re not comfortable showing up somewhere where you don’t know anyone, do it anyway. Not only will this help you find other people in the community, but it will help you when it comes to interview time! All those things you should remember such as smiling, holding eye contact, not saying um, and everything else…well, practice them here! People will give you feedback, too! You can use Meetup or local groups. Personally, I enjoy JAMA (Jacksonville Marketing) and our new Young & Social events!

Volunteer. Keep in mind that you don’t want gaping holes in your resume. It’s not a bad idea to get out there and volunteer your time. You know you’re not doing much else! Not only does this go back to networking, but it gives you really nice karma points. Volunteering is such a feel good activity. At the end of the day, it will make you smile and it will give you something to feel confident about. (Plus it’s an awesome interview topic). If you live in Jacksonville, IMPACTjax is awesome.

That diet you’ve been putting off? Start it. I’m not saying you need to lose weight in order to get a job. Just think of it this way: You’ve been putting it off because of all the school work you’ve had. You’ve been putting off dieting because you haven’t had the time to plan out meals or to get groceries or to research it. Well, now you do. Not only do you have the time to plan it out, but if you need to learn how to make new plates, you can! Plus, when you get a job, you’ll be in the swing of making meals and getting things put together.

Read & Write. If you’ve recently, or not so recently, graduated, you’re probably over reading or writing. You’re thinking you need a break. Here’s a better idea: read and write as much as you can. You finally get to read what you want or to write about whatever you’re thinking. Unless you majored in creative writing, you probably didn’t get to do that in college. Even if you were a writing major, was that really what you wanted to write about? Probably not. Not only do you get to enjoy something that you want to do, but it keeps you in the flow. You can even hand write some of these things! If you stop writing for awhile, your handwriting gets terrible. Do you really want the first thing you handwrite at your new job to look like chicken scratch? Uh, no. I recently read that when you wake up, you should write three pages of your first thoughts. Not only does this help creativity, but it’ll keep your handwriting in check, too!

Remain confident. Honestly, if you’re walking around thinking that nothing is coming your way and you’re getting discouraged, people will sense that. Not only will it negatively effect your initial encounters with people, but it won’t help you accomplish everything you want to accomplish. I know it’s hard, but remember to smile. Good things will happen!



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