One thousand thoughts

My last post, and yes it was a little while ago, was all about post graduation motivation. Since everything is always easier said than done, I thought it would only make sense to share the ways I’m staying motivated and getting things done. This isn’t exactly all about letting you know what I’ve been up to, but it’s also a way to keep you in the mindset that you CAN get out there.

Literally. The first thing I mentioned was to get out there and network. I’m quite shy and I know this can be difficult and awkward. It becomes even more frustrating when you’re networking because you don’t have a job. In my recent experience I realized that the first question anyone asks is what you do. While you shouldn’t define yourself by your job, it’s really, really hard not to become discouraged. No matter what I did, I couldn’t think of a good answer or a consistent one. All I can say is, it’s alright. You’re getting out there to perfect these things. Not only is this the perfect opportunity as speaking to people you don’t know, but it’s a way to perfect selling yourself and what you do. On top of that, most of these professionals have been in your position before. They not only understand your position, but they really are excited for you for graduating, and they will rack their brain to see if they know of any opportunities for you. Don’t take this the wrong way though, if they haven’t seen your work or know anything about you, they might not. But get their card, invite them to coffee, let them talk about themselves. Establish a connection. This connection could help you now or ten years now. You never know.

The event I went to most recently was Alphabet Soup! The concept is simple, Jacksonville’s finest Marketing and Advertising groups come together to meet. They not only present their clubs, but it brings together a ton of professional in one (gorgeous) place. It’s free and it’s fun…and they had some AMAZING chocolate fondue. I met professionals from SMC Jax (Social Media Club Jacksonville), JAMA (Jacksonville American Marketing Association) -and I knew quite a few people from this group already- AAF (American Advertising Federation), AIGA (the professional association for design), FPRA (Florida Public Relations Association), IABC (International Association of Business Communicators), and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America). I was also able to met and catch up with quite a few people I know from Twitter. I absolutely LOVE meeting people from Twitter. It’s like you know them, but you’ve never met. Sometimes it’s a little awkward because you don’t necessarily know their name, but just their Twitter handle. Remember, you can always use meetup to find local groups to connect with as well.

Volunteer. Remember that volunteering can mean anything. You can do beach clean-ups, helping at an animal shelter, or whatever holds your passion. You can even do something to help you stay on track with your interests and what you want to do in the long run. For me, it’s along the lines of graphic design or social media work. These skills can be forgotten, so I’ve been using this time to allow myself to keep up with Photoshop and InDesign. Soon, JAMA will be having an all-day event for professionals. They needed someone to work on the flyers and brochures and what not, so I did it! The only thing I’ll show here is the newspaper ad, because other things should be a surprise!  (Chris Boivin did some edits on it, too!)

JAMA event

Whatever it is, volunteer for something. It even ties in with networking. If people see you’re passionate about something, they will remember when they are being told about needing someone for an opportunity.

What about read/write? What have you been reading? Writing? Obviously a blog can help with this. I know I’ve been slacking on writing, but between a temp job, interviewing, networking, and volunteering it’s kind of been a lot. However, I’ve still been able to read. Right now I’m working on The Catcher in the Rye. I’m sure most people read this in high school, but I didn’t so I’m going backwards. If you’re looking for tools to help pick out a book, there are so many ways to find new interesting books and topics. Goodreads is pretty awesome and bookqueue is an interesting new site, in beta. I love to read, so you can always check out my goodreads for books. Next I’ll be reading The Night Circus and I’m already excited. I do have a stack of things to read though. You can read anywhere, even in line somewhere, just look where you’re going. With the weather starting to cool down, remember you can always go outside! I know, this is shocking,

Starting that diet? Yeah… eating healthy will help you in so many ways. This doesn’t mean you have to cut all sweets out, either. It’s just another way to keep yourself busy and keeping up with your changing schedule. Always wanted to try that recipe you found on stumbleupon? Do it. You have no excuse to try new things!

Some things I’ve been trying:

The recipe for the lasagna rolls are here.

Recipe for Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies here.

What about exercising!? It’s something you should do as well! I’ve been trying Kickboxing. Seriously. It hurts, but I feel so good afterward. Again, try something new! What do you have to lose? Get a move on!

Again, remain confident. You don’t really have a choice on this one. If you sit at home feeling bad for yourself, what are you going to accomplish? No one is going to drive to your house and offer you a job or money or a happier life randomly. If you’re not doing anything to help yourself then no one will help you. This is serious! Get going, get moving, get on with it!

& Good luck!

The worst enemy to creativity is self doubt

-Sylvia Plath


P.S. Go to this, I made the flyer and Jessica is amazing! You’ll learn a lot! Social Media EventYou can sign up here!


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