Someone has to talk about this.

& yet I know that a lot of people are already complaining.

When Spotify finally came to America I jumped ship to join them.

That sounds tad bit more dramatic than it really is, actually. When I’m on my phone, I stick with my own music, so Spotify didn’t really win me over on that one… Although we had a Napster account, so technically if there’s a song I REALLy need to listen to immediately (but it’s not worth $.99 or $1.29) I check it out there. I’m really not in the target market to spend $10/month streaming music. I’m not saying it’s a bad deal, it’s just not for me. I’m pretty old school, I buy my music. Sometimes I even want to buy CD’s just so I’ll have the booklet…something I’ll never even look at. Get this, I don’t even use Pandora. I’ve probably only used Pandora three or four times. I don’t want to listen to a radio station, I just want to listen to the music I want to listen to. Plus I hate commericials.

Which means it’s kind of odd the way I took to Spotify on my Mac. I downloaded their little app, which thankfully worked on my computer considering that Lion is taking over everything and I can’t upgrade. I don’t use it more than I use iTunes, but I still use it and that actually counts for something these days. It especially counts for something when there are about 5 other solid streaming sites or computer apps I could actually use. I know there are more, but I did say solid. I’ve enjoyed “The History of Rap”, a nice little playlist that reminds me of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake everytime I listen to it. Even bands I like have spotify playlists that change every week which allows me to keep in touch with what they listen to. Most shocking, I don’t pay anything so I even get commercials, which is something I absolutely hate.

Again, I’m not saying I’m quite their target market, but seeing as I’m an iTunes user, the fact that Spotify could even edge me away from the cult that is Apple is impressive.

But there is one thing that really irritated me about Spotify, more than commercials, that I ignored. On the right, there’s a little Facebook icon. Unless you sign into Facebook and share what you’re listening to, you can’t really share what you’re listening to with others. I clicked it once, realised what it was, and recoiled a little bit. I had two thoughts: 1. No one cares what I’m listening to. 2. They know enough about me anyway.

These days, Facebook -and other sites, but this is all about the FB- want to know what you’re doing all the time. Even if you sign out of fb, it’s still monitoring every site you go to and storing that information. Normally I wouldn’t care because I know how valuable that information is when it comes to marketing and advertising, but it’s still a little annoying, especially when the company actually denies that they even do this. There are some sites that even allow you to use your fb instead of creating a username and password, sure it’s convenient, but I opt to make my own. Keep in mind people, one day fb will be irrelevant…a thing of the past, and then you’ll have to take a step back and make a username anyway. If you think you’ll forget it, then make an excel spreadsheet, or take a vitamin. You’re not that dumb or forgettful…are you?

Yesterday was pretty interesting though. Spotify decided that any new user will only have the option to sign in using facebook. “What if I don’t have one?” you ask. Well, there’s an option to create an account…that’s right, a FACEBOOK account, not a spotify account. Not only will you be linking these magical services together in order to become a nice married couple, but you’re allowing spotify to post every song you ever listen to on your feed…oh, I’m sorry, your ever expanding, overly obnoxious timeline. (I’m going to be honest, I don’t care when you unfriended me or when you got sick that one time in 2008). I’m sure several people are thinking “who cares?” but honestly, Spotify should.

I know one person that pays for Spotify. He raves about it and everything it can do. This hasn’t just happened once either. Yup, it’s my boyfriend. He enjoys having endless access to music. It doesn’t even phase him whenever I complain that Spotify doesn’t have all of the Jason Mraz albums (but I do, *evil laugh*). He even cancelled the Napster account because he’s found amazing value in this service. But what if he didn’t have it and he decided to sign up tomorrow? Oh, he can’t. He doesn’t have a Facebook and doesn’t desire to get one. AMAZING, isn’t it? These people still exist. The fact that Spotify has decided that there’s a huge market on facebook apparently negates the fact that there’s a huge market not on facebook.

So what’s the point? How hard is it to have a sign up button that doesn’t entail a social media network? (One that’s actually on the decline.) In a very subtle way, you can even think that it’s a nice way for Spotify to say “I really don’t care about your privacy” because that’s what Facebook says every year when they launch something new. And hey, I get it. It’s a service I still use – Facebook that is. Because ever since MySpace it’s become important to connect with others and keep in touch with people you probably have nothing in common with.

While the next big thing hasn’t happened yet, even I have noticed people use Facebook less and less when going throughout their day, myself included. Of course when iOS5 comes out I’ll be relying on Twitter more than ever, and forgetting about fb a little more each day. I  know one service I’ll stop using completely today…and that’s Spotify. Even though it’ll take me a little more time to remove myself from fb, my allegiance doesn’t lie with Spotify – a company that made a change when it hasn’t even waited for the foundation to dry with it’s fans in this market.

A lot of people seem to think this isn’t possible. But you can only take it a day at a time and I’m tired of staring at the computer on Facebook.


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