The Christmas Baby

Every year thousands of people are born during this time of year.*

Every year I am asked “what are you doing for your birthday!?”

Every single time I think, “ugh”

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the question, I do. These days, anytime someone knows my birthday off the top of their head and not just because Facebook told them, I get a little excited. Plus, who wouldn’t get excited when someone took the time to even think about your birthday when it’s surround by other holidays?

This year my birthday is awesome. Christmas fell on Sunday, my birthday falls on a Tuesday, and New Years blocks the following weekend. (The awesome was just a bit sarcastic.) Next year though, my birthday falls on a Thursday, which nicely puts me on what a lot of bars and restaurants would consider “Ladies Night.” This is exciting because I am, in fact, a lady and I’ll be able to shove down some severely discounted drinks!

This year though, I am incredibly grateful to those people who are willing to go out with me and celebrate the fact that I, as a baby, decided to push my way into this world several weeks early without understanding the time of year that it was. I am thankful for those that do everything they can to keep Christmas and my birthday and New Years separate. And of course I am extremely grateful to my family for never gypping me out of presents just because the holidays tend to be expensive.

In all honesty, I really am appreciative to those, because they do exist, that switch retail shifts in order to accommodate the awkward birthday plans and those who leave their families early because I mean something to them. And that, of course, is the nicest gift ever.

While Christmas babies do get the short end of the stick quite often, it’s always important to remember the good. And I definitely do remember the good.

Thank you, again!



*No research was conducted. I pulled this number out of thin air. Because air is thin…Who thinks of these statements?


PS- Because my birthday falls when it does, people usually feel bad, so I do have an awesome time celebrating my half-birthday, too! *Grin*


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