I ate my Klout Perk!

About six months ago I received a Klout perk. It was from Home Run Inn, a company I had never heard of.

In case you haven’t heard of it either, it’s a Chicago pizza place turned pizza company. I think they did an awesome job with the perk. They sent two free frozen pizza coupons, a pizza cutter, and a really awesome packets about their company. I was impressed since I had no idea what to expect when I accepted the perk. Ideally, I’m sure Klout and Home Run Inn wanted me to enjoy my pizza when I received my perk in the mail. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for them, I had finally found myself a job and was out of town when the perk showed up at my house. After that I moved and the perk got lost in the mess. Fast forward to about a month ago: I was cleaning up a pile of stuff that I had kept putting off and I found the coupons! I was a little discouraged by thinking that they would have definitely expired, but thankfully they had not. I added the coupons to my grocery list and headed to the store.

My first stop was Target. I roamed the frozen pizza aisle and didn’t see it, but was already planning on heading to Publix. When I went to Publix there they were! I had two coupons and there were four or five varieties. I take forever to make decisions, so about five minutes later I loaded an ultra thin crust cheese pizza and a classic pepperoni pizza into my cart. What made it even better was that when I went to the cash register they had to call a manager over since my coupon made the item free. Then the manager had to call someone to validate it. Made me feel like a VIP! (& I’m totally serious about that). Anyway, as usual, I went out of town shortly after and didn’t have a chance to try them.

Then we get to today and I tried one of my free pizzas!

Home run pizza

Pizza, pizza!

I honestly am unable to tell you the last time I had a frozen pizza. I really felt like I was cheating on Papa John’s (my fave, don’t laugh! Plus, they treat me really well…almost VIP status, but that’s another post). The pizza didn’t take long at all, about 8-12 minutes. Normally I wouldn’t go for the ultra thin style, but when I was little I loved thin crust pizza, so I figured why not try it again? I am really glad I did. The pizza had a flakey crust. It also made me think of puff pastry that had been stifled from rising. I could even tell that there were real tomatoes in the sauce, too.

Don’t judge the cutting skills, I have zero patience and decided that I need to cut the pie immediately as it came out of the oven. Obviously, this is not true and totally unnecessary, but whatever! For anyone who loves a ridiculous amount of cheese, this pizza wouldn’t be for you, but I like a normal amount of cheese and this really was perfect. I’m excited to try the pepperoni and I know I’ll go out and buy the thin crust again. I’d even add pineapple on top of it, because that’s what I do.

Honestly, if you’re grocery shopping and you’re planning for the future of the holidays or after the holidays, I’d toss a few in the cart for the days when you just don’t want to cook and aren’t in the mood to wait 45 minutes for the pizza guy to show up (plus tipping!).


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