I don’t want Christmas music

Don’t freak out, but I’m not one for Christmas music unless it’s A Very She and Him ChristmasSorry, it’s just not for me.

If you’re not feeling holiday music either, join me in listening to the stuff that you won’t be hearing in malls for the next few weeks:

Of Monsters and Men Of Monsters and Men My head is an animal.

I found Little Talks on Twitter after’s Emmy Rossum tweeted about it. I downloaded the song and then Amazon put the album on sale and I figured, why not? Why not is right. I should have bought it for full price the second I knew of it. On top of that, I then saw them play at a show here in Jacksonville and I fell for the band pretty hard. This album has a perfectly folk-pop mix that keeps me going at work most days. They are the first new band I’ve liked in awhile. I don’t listen to the radio, I don’t roam spotify, and I listened to them by chance. Please come back to Jacksonville, guys, and also go ahead and put together another album. This time I won’t hesitate before I buy.



Loveisafourletterword-mraz Jason Mraz Love is a four letter word.

I don’t think I’m biased on this. I have listened to Jason Mraz since 2001. I’ve always appreciated his music and I was officially addicted after I went to my first Jason Mraz show in Shepherd’s Bush in London before I caught a flight to Rome. Since then I’ve traveled to see Jason every time he tours. My favorite album was the one right before this (buy immediately if you haven’t already -link is for the live version), but this one is delicious. I think this album brings a lot about breaking up and hauling yourself together. It’s about growing up a little and making things work. It’s even about those moments where you just really are down on yourself and letting you know that it’s okay. The vocals are insane. Honestly, Jason’s come a long way from where he was in 2001 and I’ve loved the journey.



Two-Door-Cinema-BeaconTwo Door Cinema Club Beacon

If you haven’t caught on yet: When I like a band, I go see them. Two Door’s first album was addictive. I saw them on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon one night and didn’t change the channel like I normally do when the band comes on. I listened to what they had to sing about and was intrigued. From there the first album was bought and listened to non stop until this album was released. To be honest, my first reaction when I heard this album was a little disappointed. Hear me out though: the first album was very get-up-and-dance so I 100% expected the same. Even when I saw them play in Orlando, they played songs from the new album that were also get-up-and-dance. You can imagine my confusion when this album was a little different. The biggest part of my confusion was that I couldn’t stop listening to it even though it wasn’t what I expected. Since then I’ve realized that the band would be stagnate if they stayed the same, and I really appreciate what they’ve done. All bands must grow, and Two Door definitely has.



pink-the-truth-about-love-1347309112 P!nk The Truth About Love

I bought this album because Butch Walker told me to. (Not to my face…he did it on twitter…he’s good friends with Pink and I’ve seen him play a few times, so basically he told me to, directly). I did as I was told and actually bout the physical cd at Target because it came with a few extra songs that Butch Walker wrote for the album. I’ve listened to Pink since my middle school days and I’ve always been take-it-or-leave-it about her. I’ve also usually only liked a couple of songs on the album, and for awhile you had to spend all of your babysitting money on an entire CD instead of a song or two (I’m getting old). I really like the album, though. Some of it is traditional Pink and some of it is unexpected. It’s a little rough around the edges at times, occasionally soft, and other times it’s jump up and shake your ass because you can.I was pleasantly surprised by this cd and you will be, too.




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