Five Things to do in Boston in a day

Boston is a really cool historical city, so there are a lot more things you can do than the five I’m going to mention. (This will become obvious since I’m not going to mention the Sam Adams Brewery tour… which you should definitely do).

I was in Boston for less than a day and mostly roamed the beautiful city. Even though it was freezing, it was still gorgeous. As a Sunshine State resident, I am not used to/do not like the cold, but I bundled up as much as I could. So if you find yourself in Boston for less than a day, or for a week, add some of these gems to your trip!

  1. Mapparium
    This was a very interesting experience. You stand inside a glass globe and look at the world as it was, not as it is. The acoustics inside the globe are not what you would expect, making for a fun game between you and the people you’re with. It was $6, or $4 with a student ID. The hotel where we stayed also had a $1 off coupon.
  2. Visit a campus
    Boston isn’t short on schools. There’s Boston College, Boston University, and Harvard – technically in Cambridge, but that’s still close. College campuses intrigue me so we trekked through Boston University. Students were giving out free hugs…I mean, there’s nothing wrong with this! It’s also interesting to see the different architecture as the school has grown, as well as seeing what buildings hold which colleges. Worst case, you can just pretend you’re in the opening scenes of The Social Network.
  3. Get a cupcake: Sweet
    I like cupcakes, which means I end up trying cupcakes in whatever state I’m in. Boston brought me to Sweet. It took me roughly five minutes to pick what I wanted, but I ended up with a hot chocolate cupcake. It was so adorable and even had a stirrer in it! (It’s the little things that amuse me).
  4. Get a cannoli: Mike’s
    Make your way to Boston’s Little Italy and you will find Mike’s. I walked in and just stared. While I’m not huge into cannoli’s, I picked up a chocolate mousse version and it was seriously delicious. (I ate it before I remembered to take a picture of it, that’s how serious it was).
  5. Boston Harbor
    It’s just so pretty! But then again I could look across water for days and be excited. I think the history and everything that has happened there just makes you feel like you’re a part of something much bigger. Granted, it was 10 degrees by the time I arrived at the harbor, so I didn’t sit for long.
  6. A bonus! Grab some crepes! (Obviously I like to eat)
    Crispy Crepes was awesomeeeeeeee! Well deserving of all the e’s. I just don’t think you can go wrong here. Eat everything you can.

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