Adidas Sennheiser CX680 Sports [Review]

I run without music most of the time.

I can repeat that if you’d like? No… Okay.

Most people think I’m crazy, which is totally fine. Most days I feel the same way. Generally though, people freak that I don’t listen to anything when I run other than the Nike lady telling me what my mile is and what my average pace is slipping to. Don’t get me wrong, I want to listen to music when I run, but I have never wanted to deal with the headphones. “Deal with” is very accurate. Apple headphones that come with the iPhone or any other iProduct: Ew. The fall out of your ears immediately. Or, if you’re the lucky one who has an amazing ear type that they don’t fall out of, the second sweat touches that headphone, it’s falling out. Or there are the headphones that wrap around the back of your head. Okay, cool… minus the fact that my ponytail hits it every negative three seconds and is very, very annoying. What about the headphones that wrap around your ear…? Well, my sunglasses or hat (I have a little head…or so I’m told) rubs against them and they hurt. So no success.

Until now!!!

(Jump for excitement, you know you want to).

Introducing the Adidas Sennheiser CX680 Sports. I am in love with them. (If you are searching for them, they are probably on sale everywhere since the new headphones appear to be the CX685…From what I gather, mine are yellow and those are blue. Riveting.)

The headphones have stayed in my ear and remained comfortable. It’s almost like magic, or just really good design, without breaking the bank. The cord is a little short, but there’s an extended which includes the mouthpiece for speaking on the phone. (I can barely breathe when I’m running sometimes so talking on the phone while running doesn’t seem to be the next step for me). All in all, I’m completely satisfied with them so far and hope that we have a nice long life together!

If only I could create a running playlist that I don’t despise… any recommendations?

Don't judge. I just finished running and I have a consistently cheesy smile.

Don’t judge. I just finished running and I have a consistently cheesy smile.


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