Palmolive Fresh Infusions [Review]

I really enjoy trying new products. I feel like sometimes we get stuck in our ways and forget that other products may fit our needs more. Thankfully, I am a part of communities such as Influenster, so I get to try new products for free.

Recently, I received a package in the mail that contained three new Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish liquid. The three scents I was given were: Lime Basil, Lemon Thyme, and Ginger White Tea. I’ve been using Palmolive as my dish liquid of choice before I received these three new scents, so I was already familiar with the brand. My choice of dish liquid from Palmolive has been the Pure + Clear. I like that it’s hypoallergenic (I am allergic to a lot of things), and since this product doesn’t have a scent, the three I received in the mail could not be more different than what I’ve been used to.


Lime Basil

This scent falls in between the two other scents I was given. It’s not the strongest scent, and even though it’s pleasant, it’s not my first choice of the three. I don’t smell basil at all, but the lime is actually very nice. I like using the lime when I’m cleaning my counters. I really think it leaves them smelling fresh, but not overbearing.

Lemon Thyme

This scent is probably the most mellow, which I like, and is my favorite of the three. I have been using this dish soup to clean any dishes that have had an overpowering smell or to soak really dirty dishes. While it’s not the most overbearing scent, it does well to mask other smells such as chicken or the coconut chicken curry I made.

Ginger White Tea

This scent is my least favorite of the three. Initially, I thought it would be my favorite, but the scent is too strong for me. I use this scent every now and then just to make sure my feelings haven’t changed on it. I think going from a non scent soup to this one is too big of a jump for everyday use. It does have a pretty smell though, so I recommend as least checking it out in the store if you’re in the market for a new dish soup.


Ultimately, I think I still prefer my original dish liquid. I think I would purchase either the lemon thyme or the lime basil if I needed a fresh scent for my kitchen every now and then. Sometimes you just want a pretty smell in your kitchen without using an actual lemon or lime down the garbage disposal.



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