The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The Simpsons show has been on for what feels like forever. Because it has. And while new episode’s aren’t as funny as they used to be, who cares? I still watch when I can, and that’s what’s important.

Until you introduce to me the Tapped Out iPhone/iPad game, and then I’ve just wasted hours of my life that I will never, ever get back. Oddly enough, I’m okay with it.

Tapped Out is quite “Sim Cityish” where you start with land and build as you go. This game just happens to have a bajillion Simpson’s references. Some I get, some I don’t. As you rebuild Springfield, characters are brought back to the city. Tasks are involved. City planning is involved…and quite frankly, some cities should hire me based off this game alone. Seriously. I am that into it.

IMG_5791On the left bar, you have tasks. Currently this is the Valentine’s Day version, so there are Valentine’s tasks mixed in with the regular ones. Each house has a purpose. I even have a Mapple Store! On the bottom bar you can see what level you are, your XP for that level, and your star rating. There are donuts to buy premium items, but once you run out you either have to earn more or spend actual dollars! On the bottom right, there’s a friends button so you can visit other towns (if you play, add me! dfrancesca), arrows to move things around, and then the tools are for building.

This is obviously a time management game, which are my favorite. You should give it a shot, too!



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