Twenty One Pilots


I have this terrible habit of never listening to new music. I tend to stick to my iPod music and other people have to introduce me to new sounds. There’s a pretty recent exception. I went to The Big Ticket to see Of Monsters and Men and there was a band on the smaller stage that intrigued me.

The music was interesting. It seemed to be a few songs merged into one. A mixed style with rapping and singing and everything. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Then I watched the singer, Tyler Joseph. His energy was insane. If he could climb something, he did and proceeded to flip off it or do something just as random. All while singing…or rapping…or whatever you would call it.

They, Tyler and his band mate Josh Dun, create Twenty One Pilots. At the time, I hadn’t noticed Josh. I’m too short to see the stage unless I’m close and I wasn’t close to the side stage at this event.

I went home and started checking out their music on Spotify. It was pretty good timing because they had just released their new album, Vessel.

I love this album. It’s different and fun and a good time. It’s got energy and a beat and it so fun. I even run to this album. I don’t know why, but it makes me push just a little harder when their songs come on. So needlessly to say, I got really excited when I found out they were coming to town. Then really bummed when I found out the show was sold out already. Alas, The Beacham was hosting Twenty One Pilots for the evening, so I switched shifts and headed south.

Some times it makes me nervous to see bands I really like. There’s a huge possibility for a letdown. Twenty One Pilots did not let me down. They sounded very similar to the album, but with more energy. They were engaging, humble, and an amazing time. I’m jealous of anyone that sees them in my hometown, because Jack Rabbits is much smaller than The Beacham and it will be a very intimate event.

If you haven’t heard of Twenty One Pilots, try them out…more than once. You’ll enjoy it, too.


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