Graze Nibblebox


A friend of mine had introduced me into and I just love trying new things, especially if food is involved. With a code the first box and the fifth box are free. It’s an invite only system at the moment in the US, but in the UK this is a common system. Either way, you can pick how often you get the boxes (monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly) and the boxes are $5 each including shipping. Graze sends a box of four snacks and then you go to their website and rate your snacks. Based on your ratings Graze will put together your new boxes!

My first box did take awhile to receive in the mail, but the box is able to fit in a normal mailbox so it comes through USPS – this is both good and bad depending on your outlook.

I was really excited to get my graze box, especially since most people I know got theirs before I got mine and they said how good theirs were. My box was awesome.


Hot Cross Yum

Orange raisins, sponge pieces, and cinnamon honey almonds. Definitely made me think of a hot cross bun. I mean, they seriously had this one down. I normally don’t enjoy raisins a lot, but orange raisins are pretty legit! I marked this snack as “love it” so they’ll send it to me again.


El Picante

Paprika Baguettes, spicy chili peanuts and jumbo corn. This one wasn’t for me. I don’t like peanuts and this was a little too spicy for me. I can see how other people would like this pack, but it just honestly did not float my boat. I “trashed” this one so Graze won’t send it to me again.


Orange & Ginger Flapjacks

Rustic rolled-oat flapjack with orange and stem ginger. Oh. My. Yum. This was my favorite in this box. If Graze was willing to just send me this, I would buy it. A lot of it. Then it wouldn’t be grazing though, so I understand why they don’t. Seriously loved this. So I marked it as “love it.” If I could rate it higher, I would.


Cookies & Cream

Mini cookies, white chocolate, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds. This was the first snack out of the box that I tried and I was very satisfied. I normally don’t eat nuts or seeds, so it is a big deal that I liked this! I marked this snack as “love it” because I think it really does make a delicious snack.

I will keep getting my graze snacks and I might even update my schedule to receive them more often. I think it’s a great deal and I get to try snacks that I can’t buy at the store…especially ones that are already portioned!

Need an invite? Let me know. I have one invite left to give out!


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