Eat Up, Jacksonville

My parents came into town for a few days and my brother and I wanted to show them that Jacksonville has more than just chain restaurants! We ate up, so you should eat up, too!


Olio recently changed their menu and I can’t wait to try some new items! I used to devour the BLT, but it’s not on there anymore. I’ve been to Olio a few times and the food has always been fresh and hits the spot. My mum had a cobb salad with crab soup and it was a very intense salad! This salad was large and in charge, and it definitely hit the spot. All in all, it’s a great place to go if you’re Downtown.

Metro Diner.


Yummmm. This place. We went to the one at the beach, but there are two other locations that can blow your mind. I’ve been there before, but only for breakfast and this time we stopped by for lunch. My dad and I had the Metro Club and honestly we could have shared. Each of us ended up taking half the sandwich home. I wish I could have eaten it all though! It was so delicious! My mum had the Pittsburgh Steak Salad. French Fries on a salad!? That’s all you need to know. Just try it. It’s been on TV, so you know this place is real. And Good. Real Good.


All I can really say is this: YAY EXPANSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time. Boo Riverside for making it all so difficult. Kickbacks is awesome. Drinks and food…and it’s good food. Of course the only picture I took all weekend was of my drinks, but I really love this place. It’s good for your soul. I’ve had so many things to eat from here that I can’t even begin to go into detail. You must go here. Just do it. Plus, they are open 7am- 3am, so stop making excuses.


Maple Street Biscuit Company.

Oh, San Marco. Even with your construction I’ve found myself here just to get a biscuit. I’m not a biscuit lover, but I love these! I’ve had the BLT and some basics (bacon egg and cheese as well as egg and cheese) and ohhhhhh myyyy. These biscuits are made just right and my egg has been cooked perfectly both times. My brother gets the Five and Dime and it’s intense. We’ve also had the sweet potato fries. It’s been a good visit each time we’ve gone. Plus, I like the funny questions they ask you. You’ll understand when you get there.


2 thoughts on “Eat Up, Jacksonville

  1. Rachal says:

    I have only been to Kickbacks once, but really enjoyed the food and atmosphere! I am interested in what these others places are as well. Thanks for the food share!

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