Color Me Rad, x2

The first 5K I did was last August and it was Color Me Rad. I’m actually really glad that it was my first one. It’s not timed and everyone is there to have a good time. When Color Me Rad came back to Jacksonville I was a little hesitant. Sometimes when you really enjoyed yourself the first time, you end up being a little disappointed. There were a couple people I know that were doing this 5K as their first though, so I thought it would be nice to do it with them. It’s almost like passing the baton. Now they can go and run as much as they want. It’s a good problem to have.

There were a lot of differences between the 2012 and 2013 Color Me Rad. I’ll just refer to them as 12 and 13 to make this a little simpler.






12: The Equestrian Center. It was a bit awkward to run on at times, and you really had to watch your step.

13: Everbank Field. I thought we’d be running around the stadium. I was very, very wrong. You run up and down the stadium. Lots of ramps.

Color Bombs

12: The colors were located every 1K and there was so much color it was insane.

13: They couldn’t throw color in the stadium. The first mile and a half was colorless. Two of the color bomb stations didn’t even have people throwing color at you. I literally sat in it just to try to get colorful.


12: So. Many. People. Some people even had to park two or three miles away just to get to the start line.

13: Not so many. Maybe it was the time we ran. I’ll never know.


All in all, the first year I did it was much better. I think both were ultimately fun, but the second year was fun just because I got to enjoy it with people that don’t normally run 5K’s, and I like that. Plus one was dressed as an angel, with a halo and wings, and the other had bunny ears. Just the comments from other people had my dying laughing. This year, it was definitely the people that made it fun rather than the race itself. Plus, there was a kid break dancing.


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