Around Town!

Jacksonville view from RAM

Jacksonville view from RAM

I tend to roam around the city a lot, and since Jacksonville is so big, it’s easy to end up all over the place. The good thing is that there’s a lot to do in Jax, and if people say nothing is going on, they just have no idea where to start.

I love discovering Jacksonville, so I thought I’d share two new things in my life:

Beaver Street Farmer’s Market

aka Jacksonville Farmer’s Market. All I can say is: I love it here. I really like fruits and veggies. This stuff is local, everyone is nice, and I can get more fruit and veg here for under $20 than I know what to do with. (Except I’m borrowing a juicer right now and have used most of my fruit but more on that later.) It’s worth the drive, definitely worth the experience, and I really want to try that farmer’s market grill because I bet it is damn good.

Beaver Street Farmer's Market

Beaver Street Farmer’s Market

Community First Saturday’s

So I went here this past weekend, and I don’t know if events are the same or different each month, but there were a TON of food trucks and I was happy. There was also beer, but I’m far more interested in food. My gym also does spin classes on the river, but did I mention food trucks? Don’t judge me, I did run that morning… Documented in my Color Me Rad post. I also like that, on a nice day, you can walk from the Community First Saturday to RAM and back. You can do it on a bad day, too, but it might not have the same calming effect. Ultimately, I just really like the fact that if you’re downtown, there’s something to do. I’ll definitely be going back to do another First Saturday, and I think you should check it out, too!

Corner Taco and Le Petite Cheri!

Corner Taco and Le Petite Cheri!


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