Fitbit Flex: Review

Fitbit Flex!

Fitbit Flex!

One of the latest fads in consumer electronics revolves around fitness. It’s definitely a hot spot since it’s not a road traveled often by larger electronics companies, but get excited because it’s going down! The most popular items at the moment focus on intensified pedometers that take all kinds of stats. I’m sure you’ve seen them somewhere, from the Nike Fuelband to the Jawbone Up and all the way back to where it started for me with Fitbit. Fitbit is growing though and I’m down for the ride with the new Fitbit Flex.

The Setup

I wasn’t really a fan of this process. Hooking up the band took me about 15 minutes on it’s own. The connector on the band is not really friendly, especially with one hand. I’m going to assume that over time this becomes an easier process. When you go to the initial website and download the software, it’s insanely easy. Just install and go ahead and put in your information. I already had an account, so for me it was terribly simple. All my information was already there! I had the original fitbit, so I thought I knew how everything else worked…

The Dashboard

I was incorrect about knowing everything; who knew! Fitbit has given their site an all new design since I last visited them. I totally approve of it. You can arrange your dashboard however you would like. Of course customization is key these days. I like logging into the website, but the iPhone app is where it’s at.

Website Dashboard

Website Dashboard

iPhone Dashboard

iPhone Dashboard



My iPhone would NOT find the flex. I understand I’m a little impatient, but ten minutes and nothing happened. I found the fitbit website less than helpful for this topic. Of course I eventually determined it was my fault. The Flex doesn’t work like an actual bluetooth device. You have to go through the app, then settings, then back to the app. Who knew!?

Once it’s synced, it’s straight boss.

I do sync my Fitbit to MyFitnessPal, too. The database on the Fitbit for food seems a bit limited and MyFitnessPal let’s you scan foods in, which I like. The Verge reviewed the Fitbit Flex and gave it an 8, which matches with the Fuelband, but said that since the Fitbit doesn’t do anything with the data (i.e. tell you how to lose weight or how to sleep better) they thought that it was a waste of time. I see their point, but I totally disagree. The first day I input what I was eating I had this lightbulb moment. No wonder I was gaining weight. One thing almost all trainers and diet plans will stress is that you need to write down everything you eat because sometimes you don’t realize. I think that the entire point of logging everything you put in your mouth is so you can actually keep track, actually see, and make a plan. I do understand that people want to be told what to do, but when my fitbit tells me I’m over on my calories, that’s a huge statement in itself. It’s then up to me to get up and get out so I can either burn calories or know that tomorrow I can’t eat as much. It’s your responsibility to make the change.

The Design

This I’m very 50/50 on, although I don’t really have anything to compare it to since the only other fitness tracker I’ve had was also a fitbit. I honestly guess when I tap on the screen to see my progress. I kind of wish there was a button, but I feel as though this would ultimately flaw other features, so maybe a button isn’t necessary. The whole tap-me-incessently-until-I’m-in-or-out-of-sleep-mode is VERY annoying. Once someone at work pointed out that I was tapping the wrong area, this process became A LOT easier. The tapping for bed is still a little weird, but it bothers me less than the first day I got it. The design also allows you to wear the device in the shower but I can’t bring myself to. Something about electronics in the shower throws up a giant red flag in my brain. (Maybe the millions of times I was told not to growing up…?)

What I did absolutely love though… when I hit my goal! The Fitbit was super excited for me, which made me excited. On the other Fitbits you have a flower that grows as you move and at first I was a little bummed that this one doesn’t. Silly me. When I hit my goal, the Flex starting vibrating to a little tune on my wrist and the little lights were dancing. I have to admit, it was really cute. At first I didn’t know what was happening since I hadn’t hit my goal yet, but once I realized I was really excited, too.

The fitbit comes in black & slade. Additional bands come in other colors!

The fitbit comes in black & slade. Additional bands come in other colors!

The Conclusion

I love this thing. I think it’s something I can use all the time. I think it’s a great motivator and the minor downfalls that it has don’t make me want to stop using it or find a replacement. They are on backorder right now, but if I were you, I’d consider it…or even look at some of the other Fitbit devices!


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