Never Quit: A 5K Review

Two words: So. Hot.

Unfortunately, I think the uncontrollable weather really swayed my feelings about the race.

We got there a little early and of course the view was gorgeous.

Jacksonville Beach



There wasn’t much to do before the race other than stare at people. It seemed like all the vendors required cash or credit. When I run I don’t carry either so we just roamed. The course was fine, run along the beach and then turn around. I was part of the 8 am group. I really don’t know how people ran the later wave because my section was already blazing hot. There was one water station; this made two since you ran by it again. I wish I would have carried my water bottle because the one definitely wasn’t enough. In the end I ran my worst 5K time to date.

At the end you walked up to the pavilion to get your “prize.” I had picked the rose dog tag and walked up there. They had kids giving out flowers and the prizes. The little girls seemed excited about giving me the flowers, but the little boy seemed very disinterested. If I were a little boy I’d probably be less than excited as well. The we took pictures with the guys that are serving. I really liked that. I thought it was a nice touch.

We did it!

We did it!

Overall, I don’t think I’ll do Never Quit again. It was an expensive race and I just didn’t enjoy it as much as some of the others I’ve done.


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