WWDC 2013

While I tend to blog most about food and the cities I love, I also really like tech. I like most tech, but when Microsoft goes up against Apple in the time slots (12:30 vs 1:00) I pick Apple the moment I’m able. (The Xbox announcements I saw were super fun though!)

Let me first say that the opening was amazing and beautiful. I adored it. I am also typing this out as I go, so enjoy!

Image from The Verge

Image from The Verge

Here’s a recap of the 2013 WWDC:

Some Numbers

  • 6 Million registered developers
  • 1 Million people visit Apple Stores per day
  • 407 Retail Stores (Berlin store pictured – gorgeous!)
  • Apple has paid $10 million to developers
  • 72 Million Mac installed base
  • 600 Million iOS devices sold
  • “iPhone users use their phones 50% more than Android users.”

OSX Mavericks

-Available this Fall-

  • Finder Tabs
  • Tags – tagging documents to help with finder
  • Multiple Displays – can include Apple TV
  • Power and Performance – Reduce CPU activity by 72%; Compressed memory
  • Safari – side bar included alongside reading list; shared links; less memory usage
  • iCloud keychain – website logins, credit card numbers, etc.
  • Notifications – reply inside the notification, delete, set up mobile notifications on your mac
  • Update apps in the background so you don’t have to
  • Calendar – travel time, weather, slightly new interface
  • Maps – push directions from the mac to the iOs, it’ll appear on the lock screen
  • iBooks – welcome to the Mac!

MacBook Air

  • All-day battery life – 11 inch, 9 hours; 13 inch, 12 hours
  • 4th Gen Intel Processor, Haswell
  • Flash – 45% faster
  • Wifi – about 3x faster; New AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule
  • 11 inch starts at $999; 13 inch starts at $1099

Mac Pro

-Coming later this year-

  • DAMN.
  • Intel Xeon chip
  • 2x faster
  • Fastest ECC memory
  • Supports 4K displays – up to three
  • It’s TINY.


  • 300 Million users of iTunes in the Cloud.
  • iWork Cloud – similar to the Microsoft 365 and you can edit Microsoft documents online, too


  • All icons are redesigned – I’m personally not a fan, but I’ve loved my consistent icons since my first Mac
  • Interactive weather – the app doesn’t just say 73 degrees anymore; all locations are visible at once
  • 3D interface – when you tilt the phone the perspective changes
  • Dots for the cell signal instead of bars
  • Multiple pages within folders
  • Gester back
  • Slide to delete in mail – Looks similar to the Mail app
  • Swipe up from the bottom to control user settings
  • Safari: tabbed view, full screen, access to iCloud Keychain, Reading list and Shared links; No limit on tabs
  • AirDrop for iOS
  • New camera app has automatic “square” camera
  • Photos – “Moments” organizes photos based on where and when; filters
  • Siri – new interface, new voices; adjust settings through Siri
  • iOS in the car – coming in 2014 with several cars
  • App updates will happen in the background
  • iTunes Radio: built into the music app, similar to Pandora; can purchase the song from the radio; ad-free if you have an iTunes Match account
  • Activation Lock: if a thief tries to turn off “Find my iPhone” her or she will not be able to reactivate it

…Available in the fall! Start getting excited. & if you’re going to lose your phone, don’t do it until iOS7 is on there 😉


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