Dragonfly: A Gainesville Review

One weekend a month I find myself in Gainesville for class. I’m doing my MBA part time and I overwhelm myself in class for at least 9 hours per Saturday and Sunday.

This doesn’t leave too much time for me to have to entertain myself, but I still have to eat. Since the program gives us vouchers for lunch I only need to venture off campus for dinner. For my second weekend at UF, I found myself at Dragonfly.

I was told that Dragonfly is the place to get sushi in Gainesville. So many people have told me how amazing it is and since I’m kind of new to the sushi world I figured that I would give it a shot. I was really craving sushi and knew this would be the perfect opportunity.

We ordered the gator, the bomb, and  Krispy Krunch.

The Gator

The Gator

The Bomb

The Bomb

Krispy Krunch

Krispy Krunch

Honestly, I don’t know if everyone just talked it up too much, but I didn’t really like it. The bomb was actually pretty good, but that’s where my experience capped out. While it was a Friday night, we were seated relatively quickly, but then  it was as if someone hit pause on the evening and then hit forward once. Slow motion for ya! The food took awhile to come out and at first my water was refilled when needed but I suppose as the wait became longer, the gaps became longer, too.

By the time our sushi arrived I was starving, which is a sad fact because I didn’t eat very much.

Again, the bomb was pretty good but the others just weren’t. I wish I could even say why. The Krispy Krunch was difficult to eat and the cream cheese simply drowned out the speckle of avocado that was in the roll. The gator… honestly went into the nothingness of my mind. It wasn’t memorable whatsoever. I can at least say that the bomb was flavorful and had substance.

For what it was, the sushi was pricey compared to some other that I’ve had. But if this is what Gainesville has to offer, I’d guess that you’re getting what you pay for.

I highly doubt I’ll revisit Dragonfly, but if I’m dragged by others I’ll get the bomb again and maybe fill the rest of my palette with a drink or two. For now, I’ll keep my sushi eating in Jacksonville until I find a sushi gem in another city.


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