Holidays with Dunkin

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to live. I don’t think this just happens to me though and even if it did only happen to me, I’d still admit it.

Whenever I get an email from Dunkin Donuts to join an event, I don’t question it. I hit reply and type “YES!”

Thankfully I have awesome friends that tweet me hours prior to an event telling me that I have the location wrong (without even knowing that I was wrong. Shout out to @kklausser!)

Instead of driving to any of the Dunkin Donuts I frequent, I drove over the bridge to a place I used to call home. So much has changed – including the DD location.

When I lived over the bridge the DD was old and I never went there. Even the Baskin Robbins (before it was removed) didn’t entice me.

Now it’s an entirely different story. Dunkin built an all new building and included a patio. The location is far more welcoming and invites you to stay. While it still doesn’t have a Baskin Robbins, it’s not needed. I think anything more than what’s there would be too much and overwhelming.

Since the Florida weather was beautiful, we sat on the patio to enjoy some new sweet treats!


The spicy sausage biscuit was not for me. I can’t complain about it though because I just don’t eat sausage. I don’t doubt that it was actually delicious, but I can’t say that it was either.




Oh, donuts! The red velvet donut was very sweet. If you like sweet things, definitely try it. My favorite was actually the Bavarian cream filled donut (the green star) because it wasn’t overly sweet but definitely hit the spot. The yeast donut (red icing) was also good and had the least calories!


Every time I leave DD events I am so ready to conquer the day. Sugar and coffee!? Let’s do it!

We tried a peppermint mocha, a white chocolate, and eggnog latte, and a red velvet latte.

Surprisingly I liked the eggnog latte the best. To me, it doesn’t taste like eggnog at all, which is good! The red velvet latte is really sweet, which I liked but I can see why others might not. The peppermint mocha was good (we tried it iced), however I don’t really enjoy minty things.


We were also given a pretty detailed your of the location, which I loved! The picture is of their icing station. I was just so amazed that everything was so organized, which makes sense, but when I bake it gets a little hectic sometimes.

DD was also kind enough to give us parting gifts – one of them being the most adorable little ornaments ever!

Thank you, Dunkin! I’ll try another eggnog latte while it lasts 🙂 oh… And let’s work on getting hot tea’s! 😉



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