Cookie Butter Cookies with Nutella Drizzle


Cookie Butter Cookies!Yes. These cookies are worthy of a giant picture.

Yes. I did take ground cookies and make them into cookies.

All you need to know is: yes.

I roam around Gainesville once a month for school and was told that there was a Trader Joe’s nearby. Please take a minute to imagine my SHOCK. Neither Jacksonville or Orlando has a Trader Joe’s, but Gainesville does!? Flabbergasted. Either way, I drove my happy butt to Trader Joe’s to buy some Cookie Butter. Again, yes. It was my main reason to visit.

After eating quite a bit of cookie butter out of the jar with a knife like a civilized person, I decided I wanted to make something out of it. I wasn’t sure what, so I googled uses for cookie butter and came across this awesome recipe on The Coterie Blog. Definitely check it out. I only changed one thing. Heather (blog owner), drizzled the final product with melted cookie butter. I drizzled the cookie with melted Nutella. Either way, follow her recipe and then decide how you would like the cookie! Take some Nutella or cookie butter, toss it in the microwave for a small amount of time and then drizzle away! Just keep in mind that both spreads are sensitive to heat. I ended up putting the Nutella in the microwave for ten seconds at a time and then stirring. These cookies were very delicious! What other toppings can you think of?


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