Burrito Bros Taco Co.

Just from living in Jacksonville, I know a lot of people who are from or spent a lot of time in Gainesville. All of them have told me about Burrito Bros Taco Co and how delicious it is. Thankfully it’s really close to where I stay when I’m there so I found it! I actually walked past it four weekends in a row… It’s down a slight ally and usually when I’m walking I’m on a mission so I missed it. This past school weekend I was determined to try some local Gainesville food, and I was so very impressed!

First of all, my friend Nicole and I had no idea what we were doing. The girl at the counter was so nice and helpful! It’s a “walk up to the counter and order” kind of joint. The seating is outside and it was a little chilly, but all in all it wasn’t a bad thing.

Burrito Bros Taco Co.

I kept it simple with my order because sometimes you just want to get to try the basics. I had two tacos – one with chicken and one with black beans. Normally I really don’t like hard tacos, but honestly these were so good! I added guacamole to the chicken taco and it had an interesting green sauce. I have no idea what it was but I loved it. I also liked that my two tacos – as simple as they were – had different cheeses. My chicken taco had mozzarella and black bean taco had cheddar. I know this really sounds so simple, but the tacos were just super delicious!

Chicken Taco Bean Taco!

Nicole ordered before me and got a sweet potato burrito – which I’ve never even seen as a thing before! It was giant. And it was sooooo yummy! And she was so nice enough to let me take a picture of her eating it. I have such good friends.

Nicole enjoying her taco!If you find yourself in Gainesville, walk the alleyway to Burrito Bros Taco Co. You’ll thank me!


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