Forever in Love with Books

I have a new favorite thing.

Ironically, based on my blog topics…it does not involve food.

It’s all about books and bookish things. I’m in love with it.

Thankfully the people at BookRiot found Quarterly and meshed together this box of greatness.

Think Birchbox meets the library with ThinkGeek on the side. A subscription box fused together with the nerdy librarian. It’s even better now, too, because you can buy one box incase you’re unsure. I can promise you that you won’t be unsure though. From my first box, I’ve been satisfied and left craving more.

Meet #BKR01 & #BKR02.





Seriously amazing. The first box included handwritten (HANDWRITTEN) notes from the author. I had to pinch myself. It was/still is real life. The second box includes a drive of short stories to be read on Thursdays. And a mug. Someone knows I drink out of mugs. Do all readers drink out of mugs? Am I less weird than I once thought I was? Did I even think I was weird…?

I don’t know who decided to start this but that person is a genius and I will happily continue to throw money at this project. You should get on it. I know you’re jealous. Thankfully, I spread the word.




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