We Run & Eat DC

I honestly am all about the medals when it comes to running. Not all races have medals, but I still run some of those, too.  Somehow I found out about the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. There isn’t necessarily a medal at the end, but there’s a Tiffany necklace. While they didn’t call it a medal, to me it was an amazing medal and I was determined to earn it.

Tiffany Necklace!

Tiffany Necklace!

Entry to the NWHDC is completed by a draw unless you enter as a student. I didn’t enter as a student and was stoked when I was picked. My parents met me in DC and I was super nervous about running. I had been sick all week and hadn’t been able to train properly due to school and work. Since the course is all on roads in DC there’s a hard time limit and I couldn’t help but think that I wouldn’t make it. I’ve always run in under three hours, but I’ve always ran with a friend or with Galloway and this one I was doing on my own outside of my home state.



I flew to DC and was not at all prepared for the chilly weather. I’ve lived in Maryland before and knew that the weather wouldn’t be like Florida, but I wasn’t prepared for 45 degree weather the morning of the race. I had to buy new race capris because I had only brought shorts and there was just no way. My parents went with me to the start and we hung out until it was time for me to go.

IMG_0926 IMG_0915

I absolutely loved the course and the event as a whole. Nike really made the entire experience amazing. The sites were so neat to see from a running point of view. There was a lot of energy, too. People came out to support, play music, and just celebrate the goodness of 15,000 (mostly) women having a wonderful time. While it was chilly, the sun was shining, and even though I knew no one, it was the first time that I felt like I was a runner – even if I’m a slow one.

IMG_0934 IMG_0940 IMG_0943

My parents and I stayed in DC until Tuesday morning (the race was Sunday) and I was super happy to indulge after. The day before we had eaten at Clyde’s, but I grew up going there so to me it was everything I expected and knew. We also went to an awesome Italian joint, but I can’t remember the name. After we tried plenty of things though – including cupcakes. I tried Crumbs and Georgetown Cupcake. Crumbs really disappointed me. The cupcake was really dry and didn’t have that much flavor. Georgetown Cupcakes I really did enjoy. Over the weekend they had a massive line but on Monday when I went there wasn’t so I was happy to try one…oh wait…two! At Crumbs I had a big peanut butter cup, which is normally something I crave – can’t really go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate – although I guess you can because I didn’t like it. At Georgetown Cupcakes I had salted caramel and then a chocolate coconut. Much, much better!

Crumbs and Starbucks Tea!

Crumbs and Starbucks Tea!

Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Chocolate coconut

Chocolate coconut

We also checked out Busboys and Poets while we were there which I just adored. I had fried chicken, which isn’t really what you would think it is. It was really fresh and came with mashed potatoes and I substituted collard greens for asparagus. I also had a drink called “DC tap water” and it was rough! I split that with my mum. My parents food was really good, too. Overall a great experience.

Busboys and Poets - so good!

Busboys and Poets – so good!

Another gem we tried was Good Food Eatery. It’s a burger joint. I had a burger and a side of fries with rosemary and thyme on them, which I really liked. It was very different from most burger places. I also had a milky way malt… yeah… A milky way malt. YUMMMMM!

The Loot.

The Loot.

The hotel provided us with breakfast, so this trip didn’t include any magical breakfast opportunities, but that’s cool because my other experiences were so good and the hotel did have really good food.


We also trekked to President Lincoln’s Cottage and the National Cathedral which I highly recommend both if you ever have a chance to visit. Overall I had an amazing time in DC thanks to Nike and my parents… who knows, maybe I’ll see them both in San Francisco!


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