The Turtle and the Cake

I like Pinterest.

Glad that’s off my chest!

I find a lot of recipes on Pinterest. Recipes are my favorite thing to find because when I find clothes or something of the sort, sometimes those items are no longer available and that’s just super annoying. Even more annoying is finding the perfect recipe (or so you think) and there be no recipe. JUST A PICTURE?! whyyyyy?!?!!??

So of course I find the perfect Turtle cake and there’e no recipe. Normally I can continue to search and find the same picture with an actual recipe. Sadly, not the case. How sad.

Instead, I took the picture and ran with it. I found a cake recipe here and a frosting recipe here. I then made the caramel from this recipe.


I took the first cake layer, put some frosting on it, the caramel, chocolate chips, and pecans. Then I add the second layer and put on some more frosting. I put the cake in the fridge for a little while and then added more frosting, drizzled the caramel on it, and then put chocolate chips and pecans.

This cake is rich. It’s amazing, but take small slices. You’ve been warned!

Turtle Cake!

Turtle Cake!


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