Beets and Noodles … What?

I really enjoy trying new food items. This might surprise some people because I’m quite a picky eater. The things I like though – I love.

When Tropical Smoothie reached out to me regarding their new unBEETable berry it went like this:

You have to be kidding me. THAT IS THE BEST NEWS EVER.

Beets seem to have this love or hate stigma which nothing in between. I land very heavily in the love side of things. I’ve always loved beets, too. My mum tells me that it’s always been a go-to thing for me. Last time she visited we even bought beets and she canned some for me. I just don’t know anyone that eats them as I do.

I’m not sure whether the other people in our group liked it, but I seriously loved it. I will warn you though: the first sip is VERY earthy. I wasn’t really expecting the beet flavor to really make it in because of the amount of other fruits in it so I was a little taken aback. After two sips though, I was completely sold. The fruits definitely end up complimenting and slightly overpowering the earthy taste. You always end up with a little bit of an earth taste, but I think that overall the flavor was awesome. It’ll be on the menu starting Aug 25 and I can’t wait!



Usually at tropical smoothie I’m an Island Green (IG) girl, but in addition they made us a Totally Green (TG) which is currently on the menu. The IG has a lot of a fruity flavor so when I tried the TG I was expecting something completely different. The biggest difference being the taste of celery. I really don’t like the taste of celery. I had one sip and thought – meh…. but then you just keep drinking it and you start to notice the apples and kiwi and you kind of get over it. I actually got so over it that when I went to Tropical Smoothie this morning – I ordered a TG over an IG. Surprisingly – all of the orders in front of me were also for a TG and I convinced the girl behind me to try it, too. I did warn her about the first sip though – it’s only fair.

Totally Green and Lemonade

Totally Green and Lemonade

The restaurant is also taking a new look on food. Introduced to us were Noodle Bowls. There were two kinds: Ginger Miso Chicken (GMC) and Spicy Mongolian Steak (SMS). My first thought was – noodles… whatttt? But I thought it was a good addition to the menu. I preferred the GMC but I think it was because it was lighter and had a nice amount of flavor. The SMS was also very good – definitely had a little kick to it. Both dishes were incredibly fresh. Since I’m not a huge meat eater I asked about the possibility to get the bowl without meat and that’s an option! They are super open to customization.

Ginger Miso Chicken

Ginger Miso Chicken

Spicy Mongolian Steak

Spicy Mongolian Steak

The other thing I didn’t expect whatsoever was the new Tropical Smoothie look! I really thought I was lost when I drove to the store because I didn’t see the traditional TS logo. They’ve completely change everything and the changes are so so positive. They also made a conscious decision to not include soda machines in their new locations. I don’t drink soda so I would really never notice, but I think that’s a positive change. They also rolled out their own lemonade for those who would not like water. I had a really awesome experience at TS and I’ve clearly been back to a different location since. 



You should totally check it out! I also got to meet some cool people and you should check them out, too! @runningwithpugs@amomontherun and @StanCleiland were fellow visiting social friends!


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