An Evening with Mama Q’s Pizza

Remember that time I made sushi? Well the folks that organized that setup (Jax Restaurant Reviews) wanted to spread some Mama Q’s love. Me + food (especially when it’s free) = heck yes! I prepped some gear and a friend and headed that way. I’d been to Mama Q’s before but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to go down. First of all, nicest people ever at Mama Q’s. The inside is quite small, but they deliver and there were quite a few people running in and out for pickup while we were there. Super awesome crew. They were so appreciative that we were there but we were definitely the lucky ones. We basically were able to stuff ourselves with awesome eats. First we had a caesar salad. It was good, but I probably wouldn’t get it again. That doesn’t mean the salad wasn’t good. It just means there are a million other things I would rather eat there. And quite honestly, for a pizza joint it was a decent caesar. I didn’t take a picture of it, so you get nothing to help show you what a caesar salad looks like. Use your imagination. I’m sure you’ll do swimmingly. Now for the real stuff. Stuffed Bread. A pepperoni version. A broccoli and cheese version. I preferred the broccoli and cheese version. I’m biased because I’m not partial to pepperoni. Stuffed Bread! The Kitchen Sink. Yeah… I wish I could explain the crust here. It’s not too thick. It’s not weak so it holds all the toppings… It just worked really well. Great use of red onion. The Kitchen Sink Backyard BBQ. So… I normally don’t like BBQ because everything always uses pork. This used chicken. So surprised at how good this was! I’m not huge on BBQ sauce in general, but this really worked. And one word: Bacon. Okay wait…two words: Crispy bacon. To me, cispy bacon is so much better than just bacon. They pull it off. Backyard BBQ. Mashed Potato Pie. There are no words for my enjoyment of this pizza. Just go and try it. Now. Soon? So good. Pretty heavy, but so good. Happiness. It’s called happiness. Mashed potato   Clams Casino. I must admit that I did not try this pizza. My friend did though. She liked it. It was described to me as tasting like seafood. If you like seafood try it. If you don’t, then I wouldn’t recommend it. Clams Casino BLT Pizza. Where does one start… SO GOOD! It’s not on the menu. It’s a monthly flavor. Stop what you are doing (aka reading this blog) and go buy and consume this. I won’t even be mad that you left me. Did I mention bacon? I did. Crispy, perfectly cooked bacon. As a pizza. Fabulous. For a limited time. Just go!!! BLT Pizza Cinnamon Maple Sticks.  Yummmmmmmmm. Sugar + Carbs = drool. CM Sticks!   May I ask why you haven’t left yet? Go get Mama Q’s! Go local. Eat well. Be happier. Live life!   Mama Q's Pizza on Urbanspoon


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