A [Very Long] Walk Around the City

Oh, New York City.

I have been to NYC a bunch of times, but never as a tourist. I’ve treated NYC as a place to roam around and feel local. I try to run around trying things that people who live there would try. I act like I belong even though I have no idea where I’m going or what’s cool and happening. [Inset Stefon SNL video’s here].

A few weeks ago I met up with my mum, aunt, and cousin in New York. This isn’t a little thing. My aunt and cousin came across the pond for my cousins birthday with a cute little list of what they wanted to do. At least I thought it was little at the time, but you’d be surprised when you walk up and down the city. We barely used the subway – roughly 20,000 steps per day – one day we reached 28,000 steps. My feet hurt a lot for that.

Either way I enjoyed it significantly and we were able to see and do and eat a lot. We had a wonderful time (minus Marriott – will never stay there again!) and I absolutely loved the more touristy side of the City.


Poulette – Rotisserie Chicken

790 9th Ave. Holy crap. Great find. I don’t even know if this counts as touristy since we simply stumbled upon it. Totally affordable and utterly delicious. The employees were incredibly kind. So much food. We did the dinner since there were four of us and it was definitely filling. They deliver. Try it out.


Amy’s Bread

672 9th Ave. This picture does NO justice. Focus on the magical food item pictured. It’s called a Coconut Dream Bar. It’s so dreamy. So dreamy that I ordered their cookbook hoping the recipe would be inside. It is. Can’t wait to make it. Simply amazing!


Empire State Building Observatory Deck

350 5th Ave. This might be obvious, but I have never done this before. I’m also terrified of heights so I was never interested. I highly recommend it. Do it. Make yourself happy. The view is so beautiful. If you can do it on the first day you should because it really puts the entire city into perspective.


Heavenly Rest Stop

2 E 90th. I’ll be honest, we walked so far through Central Park – and were semi lost but semi found – and someone randomly suggested that we could use the bathroom at a nearby church. We didn’t want to just use the bathroom because we felt that it was important to support the business. The cannoli… oh the cannoli. The best cannoli I have ever had. Hands down. There is no competition. I don’t know what they did to it, but it was just delicious.



Statute of Liberty Ferry

So… I didn’t love this, but I was already feeling a little unwell before we went. The city view is amazing though. We didn’t get off the ferry for the Statute but there’s not much you can do when you get off so I didn’t really mind. You do get an awesome close view of the Statute of Liberty though that is quite difficult to get from anywhere else unless you have a really nice camera with an intense lens.


The Brooklyn Bridge

The picture isn’t the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s from standing on the Bridge. This was very early in the morning and it was 100% worth it. The Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful and historic. Walking across it is free. Take your time out walking across the bridge. Enjoy the view. Embrace it.


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