Mexican Munchies

Can’t say I don’t love trying new places around town. When I was contacted to try Papi Chulo’s I was super stoked because I’d heard really good things and the restaurant is so close for me, plus I can’t say no to some free food. I grabbed my camera and headed out. A lot of the pictures didn’t turn out well because of the lighting, but add an iPhone flashlight and it helps!

When it comes to the drinks – they are strong. I couldn’t drink mine. It was just way too strong. And honestly, all of them were. As the drinks stand, I wouldn’t go there to have a casual drink.

Guacamole Flight


First the guacamole flight. Three types of guacamole. Fresh guacamole, Caribbean guacamole, and New England guacamole.  The guacamole wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t go there specifically for it. There’s something about guacamole being made – and customized – at your table that I just missed. I think it proves that the guacamole is fresh and to taste. I understand why you can’t have that everywhere. Again, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t my absolute favorite.

Ceviche Flight


I took someone with me to try some of the items I knew I wouldn’t like. Since I’m not big on seafood I don’t feel as though I’m a fair judge of the ceviche because I didn’t like it for obvious reasons. There were also three kinds: Papi’s Ceviche, Mango & Mahi Ceviche, and Shrimp & Avocado Ceviche. So, with that said – the ruling with the person that joined me – The mango Mahi was the best of the three and the shrimp and avocado was bland. Word of wisdom for the Papi’s Ceviche: don’t eat all the jalapeños in one bite. (Oopsie!)

Mexican Street Corn


The Mexican Street corn was my FAVORITE thing of the evening. I would go to Papi Chulo’s just to eat this corn. It was yummmmmmmmmmmy. And only $4 so I mean… why not? I’ve never had corn dressed up like this and I have no idea what the sauce is – they probably said but I was very involved in eating.

Duck Dynasty

Bang Shrimp Taco


We had a few tacos but the pictures didn’t completely turn out.

Pollo Street Taco

I could take it or leave it. I added guacamole to mine. The chicken was good, but the taco didn’t have a huge amount of flavor. It was still a decent taco but I think it was missing something that I couldn’t quite place.

Carne Asada

So… I don’t actually like steak, but I did like this taco. I thought the cheese on the bottom added a nice taste to the taco as a whole and the meat was done in a way that I actually enjoyed it. That’s a big deal for me because it’s something I usually don’t eat.

Bang Shrimp

I took a little bite. I tried. I usually don’t enjoy shrimp and I didn’t love the shrimp itself, but the sauce was really good. Everyone loved the Bang Shrimp taco and everyone else I know that has been to Papi Chulo’s has told me about this taco. Don’t take my word (since I don’t like shrimp) definitely take everyone else’s.

Bob Marley

I really enjoyed this taco. It was like a save the best for last kind of thing (unless you like shrimp maybe). The flavors were so different and enjoyable. I think it’s not something I’ve had other places, which makes it another thing I would go back for.

Tres Leches Cake


In this instance – I saved the best for last. If I want to go out just for dessert (as I often do) I would totally go here for dessert. Complete happiness on a plate. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. Just do it.

Bonus: The waiter told me they started having bands and dancing on Saturday nights. I really want to check it out since they have an awesome space for it.


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