BDR – 904 Edition

I am such a sucker for a good medal.

Add to that a very affordable race and a good medal and it’s a done deal.

That’s what the Best Damn Race offered me. A full race experience for about $35. Basically the price of the run increases as people signed up. Some people only paid $5! They offer 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. I waited to sign up until I knew what the medal looked like – that really is my only motivation.


They had a cute race set up. I don’t know how many people were there – I think I heard 1400 total for all three races. They still had pacers, too, which was nice since I noticed quite a few people using them. I also noticed a lot of first time half marathoners (because of their shirts). To those people, congratulations! I wouldn’t do it again if that was my first half based on the weather alone.

Shoot, I almost said no way before we started. I’m used to Florida running weather. Forty degrees at the start is unacceptable. But I did it anyway. I couldn’t feel my toes for a hot minute. Overall I wasn’t happy at the beginning at all.


I’m so glad I bought that ear cover thing from lululemon.

Anyway. The route I was semi used to from other half marathons here in Jax. As usual the view was beautiful. So here are my pros and cons of the race itself – I’ll not include complaining about the weather.

That medal.
The view. I love downtown Jax/Riverside.
The course – relatively flat, as Jax tends to be
The swag. For a small race I got a lot of stuff. If I were doing the 5k I would have been especially stoked!
The price.

One of the things that really bothered me was around mile 8 they opened the roads and put us on the sidewalk. I’m not the fastest runner but I’m not the slowest either and having the roads open in some areas was scary. At some places the sidewalk is not at all even. At other places there wasn’t a sidewalk at all and cars were zooming by us! I didn’t like that at all.

Overall though, not bad. I’d do it again. And thanks to the stranger that ended up timing my intervals because I forgot my gymboss at home!



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