Zooma Florida

For some reason I went through this stage where I just started signing up for runs because of the perks – always the medal – but this one came with others. For instance: discount at the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island and a discount at their spa. Plus I scored a discount on the run itself so… you know…

Sign me up!

Let’s be real – I wouldn’t be able to justify staying there for any other reason, especially when I live so close. The weekend was overall pricy, but it was a treat to myself and I would definitely do it all again because I left feeling very relaxed – even if I did the half marathon. (But I PR’d, so I’m feeling happy anyway!)

IMG_2113The Zooma was fun. I didn’t know what to expect, but now my expectations are high in the event that I decide to do another. The course was beautiful. Whoever decided to pick our route did an amazing job (minus the end). I adored the the historic district and Fort Clinch. The weather worked well and all in all the views were really calm and peaceful and just straight up pretty. The end… well… I hate sand. I know it was’t far in the sand, but I just really did’t like it. That only takes a few points away since the rest of the race was pretty amazing.


Plus… you know… That medal…



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