Resolution Recap [January]

Where did January go?

Honestly it really flashed by and I’m not even sure I stopped to breathe. I actually even have food I could be posting about, but that will come, just wait 😉

Since resolutions are sometimes so hard to hold onto, I wanted to do a quick recap. I think it’s important to revisit… a little check in with yourself.

Plus, I purchased this amazing planner (the passion planner) and it’s really awesome to keep life together.


It asks you recap questions!


❤ organization


Regardless, between some half marathons, UNF basketball games, and birthday celebrations – January was jam packed!

While I’m constantly working toward my MBA, my biggest goal was to keep up with the one mile per day. I know that probably sounds silly because it’s only a mile, but it’s exceptionally hard. Some days you just don’t want to lace up. Some days your knees hurt. Some days you literally do not have time.

But I did it 🙂 I actually clocked 58.3 miles in January.

In January I also learned a few things about myself:

I can handle it. I think everyone has times where you just can’t. I get that and I have them, too. I honestly don’t know where my sudden sense of calm came from, but January was a breath of fresh air. I took names. I worked my Four Agreements resolution just like those miles.

I also learned that communication is exceptionally important to me. Sometimes you just don’t realize it.

I haven’t gotten a bike yet. That goal has to wait. But it’s still there. And I’m still trying. And some days you have to just keep going. Energizer bunny style.

What goals are you still fighting for?