GRR 2015 – A Month Behind!


Oh how lame. It’s been almost a month since the Gate River Run and I am only just posting about it. It’s probably best that I did, though, because I have such high expectations for the GRR and if I had written about it immediately after, I’m not so sure it would have been the best representation of the event.


I adore the Gate and all of the community that joins together to be supportive. This year was no exception. I love seeing everyone and the signs. Oh the signs.

The run was SO hot. This year I’ve been running such cold events and I thought, “yeah, okay, 15K, NBD.” But no. No. No. No. So hot. So miserable. I was happy to get in under 2 hours because it was just so hot I was dragging. The bridge was actually so amazing because the breeze was just pushing me along my happy way.

Plus great pictures!

Action shot!

Gate… see you next year!



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