A Stroll in the Park

Did you know that there is a San Marco Preservation Society in Jacksonville? I really had no idea, but this month I’m involved in two events to benefit the society.

This past weekend involved Wine Down in the Parks. The rain did not stop us!!! Although it did limit my picture taking skills… or that was the alcohol. But whatever. I loved it – even with the rain!

No Diggity

No Diggity

No Diggity, courtesy of Side Car. All of the delish! I’m not usually huge on craft cocktails, but I had two of these. In the background you can see the park plans… Although massive fail on my part for not taking a picture of it. They have good ideas. Just trust me.


Baby sandwiches courtesy of V’s Pizza. Super yummy! I could have gladly had three more, but I limited myself to one.

Next I had Chardonnay thanks to Grape & Grain Exchange. It was perfect before, during, and after the rain! I even had a taco from HighTide Burrito – but again… no picture of the food.



Instead I was focused on taking fun silly pictures of ourselves!

IMG_3347 IMG_3351

Literally, the best way to visit San Marco. Kristina and I then hit up the Belle of the Boulevard one year celebration. SO CUTE.

Went to Aardwolf – I’ve never been there before and I loved the vibe even though I don’t love beer. While there has Smoke It Up BBQ. Get the potato salad. Other things, too. But the potato salad. YUM.


& you know… all of the desserts, which I believe are from Alleycakes. I mean… FLORIDA.

IMG_3359 IMG_3357 IMG_3358

So you think there’s nothing to do in Jacksonville? Get out there. All of these wonderful places are just waiting for you to visit! Aardwolf even does Saturday yoga!


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