Meet Me at The Well.

If you live in Jacksonville you have to be loving my posts lately. All these new fun ideas of places to go and eat, drink, and be merry.

If you don’t live in Jacksonville, well… I’m full of reasons why you should visit!

Recently I made my way, with roomie in tow, to a Folio Weekly Bite Club event. I’m all about networking with food and have wanted to attend a Bite Club event forever, but I’ve always had something else going on. When I saw the listing I didn’t really look at the restaurant. I skimmed the menu to see if there are things I would eat – I know, terrible picky eater, and when I saw it wasn’t all steak and seafood I jumped at the opportunity. So glad I was picked! I can definitely appreciate a free (delicious) meal.

I had never heard of The Well Watering Hole and Yelp didn’t give me much insight. [Side note – people exist that don’t take pictures of their food and instantly post them to the Internet… amazing. I have since fixed that and now yelp has pictures of what I ate. You’re welcome.]

I was pleasantly surprised and other than the fact that my roomie won a gift card while we were there, I will totally be going back again. This place was on point and the staff were lovely.

The deets:


The Well’s Strawberry Lemonade Not for children. It was okay. I like vodka and lemonade. It wasn’t anything special but it wasn’t the worst I’ve had either.


Feta/Goat Cheese Spread with Blueberry Compote I really liked this. If you know me, you should be surprised. I’m not huge on cheese that isn’t cheddar and blueberries I consider icky. This though… I could eat all night.


Hummus with Tabouli and Sriracha Not bad… I’d pick the cheese spread over it, but I think hummus is always a safe choice if you’re not sure about what to order as an appetizer.


Tomato Basil Soup I have no feelings for or against this soup. I didn’t love it. I don’t love most soup though… Again, it wouldn’t be my first choice, but it definitely wasn’t the worst soup I’ve ever had. It did have a little kick in it.


Breezy Salad with Pulled Peruvian Chicken You know that emoji with the hearts as eyes? That’s how I feel about this salad. It was simple and I loved it.


Meatloaf Taco This is on the happy hour menu, not the everyday menu. They do have several meatloaf options on the menu though. I liked this more than I thought I would. An interesting take on a taco.


Black Bean Burger I think I would have picked the meatloaf taco over this burger. I can’t quite put my finger on what I didn’t love about it, but I think maybe my hopes were just too high.


Cheesecake Brownie Not always on the menu but I could have eaten three more! To me it didn’t take like cheesecake at all, but whatever it tasted like worked for me! I don’t like brownies that much and this was yummmmmmmy.
Well Watering Hole Bistro on Urbanspoon


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