One Foot in Front of the Other

I’ve been convincing people that they need to do a half marathon. Some intentionally. Others unintentionally. It just kind of comes up in conversation. I’ve never pushed someone to do one. Usually the other person brings it up and I just mention how easy it is.

I know what you’re thinking.

Easy!? What is wrong with you?

Right. Well. I’m really not a runner. I’m not fast. I don’t run the whole time. My only goal is to run a half marathon in under three hours. And you know what? Some people run a marathon in under three hours. Awesome. Good for them. I really don’t care. I also didn’t think I’d ever get out of bed at some ridiculous hour and go run for 13.1 miles. Sometimes it’s even more than 13.1 miles because someone doesn’t know how to measure properly. I certainly didn’t think I’d then commit to the Gasparilla Amber Challenge. But I did. And it was awesome. And it wasn’t always easy during the run, but afterwards I’ve always thought: that really wasn’t bad.

So now I’ve convinced two people – Nicole, you may remember her from this post, & Cory, who you might remember from this post – to do the Gasparilla Half Marathon next February. Again… I’m pretty sure this was completely unintentional. I don’t remember telling either of them to specifically do it. I think I just talk about all my bling a lot.

I then started to think – I should maybe put something together to get them in the spirit of training. This is completely hypocritical. The only run I’ve ever trained for was the first one I ever did… But since this is their first one… train away!

The Couch to [Insert Length Here]

Couch to 5K, 10K, half, etc. These are a great way to start. I love the increasing each time. I love that you can go back if you want to. Whether you’re new to running or just need a refresher, I really like these. There are also a million different apps that do this series, so just determine which one you like best.

Apple now does bundles of apps, too, so if you want to pay for an app you can do that, but free ones exist.

Bundle, free, free

A Running Group

Jacksonville has a million ways to run with others for free that span most nights of the week.

The Jacksonville Running Company has a schedule on their site for a group run most days of the week. There really aren’t any excuses.

A Run Club

This is really similar to the running Group, but is with the same people each week and can focus on a specific target. When I did my first half marathon I ran with the Galloway program. I loved it and I continue to run under the Galloway method. Most runs don’t leave me sore and I’ve never been injured. A lot of cities have a Galloway group. It’s a wonderful way to meet people and I honestly don’t think I ever would have ran a half marathon without them.


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