Halfway Point.

Half the year is over. Where did it go?

In the midst of school and work and life and everything thrown around, the first half of the year really has flown by.

With that… a lot of miles.


And I’m halfway done with my one mile a day challenge. I have to say I really did not think I would make it this far. I was hoping somewhere I’d fall deeper in love with running. I was hoping I’d lose weight. I was hoping I would get faster.

Halfway through… I know none of those thoughts matter. There is only one thought that does: I am a badass.

There are plenty of times I think all kinds of thoughts and feel emotions I shouldn’t. That’s the fun concept about self-worth – it’s illogical most of the time. While I was thinking about all the things running could do for me I didn’t set aside the thought of not making it through.

Yet here I am.

Chilling at my halfway point. & I’ve ran more than one mile a day. I’ve killed it.

2015 miles so far: 268.1, plus the mile I’ll run today. One half a year left. Think of everything you can accomplish in half a year. Why not start? It’s the perfect day.



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