Another Day, Another Waffle House

Two eggs over medium. Crispy bacon. Smothered hash browns. White toast.

If I’m really going to compare breakfast joints, I try to stay as close to my usual as possible. I like to compare apples to apples – even though there are no apples here. You might be thinking: Well you really can’t screw that up.

Oh you can. And many places do.

People usually give me a glazed stare when I say that I love Waffle House. The rate I speak of food and local joints no one expects me to have this minor obsession with my usual at Waffle House. It almost runs in the family, too. There was a Waffle House in between my house and my brothers in Jax. We would meet there on a Saturday or Sunday morning just because we could. I have so many pictures of the my niece there. Waffle House #1050 has been my favorite for a long time.


On the drive from Jax to Clt, almost every exit has a Waffle House. All the exits surrounding me have a Waffle House. I mean… how can I not explore.

I’m not sure if WH prides itself on consistency, but I would think so. I think the idea is that at each location, my “usual” should be the same no matter where I go. I like to test this theory. I’ve been to some locations where my food just tastes like nothing. I’ve been to some that seem to be confused about what crispy bacon actually is.

This past weekend I was hungry after hiking – aka starving and needed to eat immediately – and wasn’t hugely in the mood to try something new. Once we arrived to a nearby exit there was a Waffle House and I was super stoked. Couldn’t wait for it all to get in my belly.

Let me just tell you: all WH are not treated equally. This was quite possibly the best experience I’ve had outside of my Jax location. My food was on point. Bacon perfectly crispy (I forgot to take a picture!). The service was great. It’s a simple meal and we were in and out, but if I go to this trail again, I’ll stop at this location every time. Major props to Waffle House #1810. See you sometime soon!

IMG_8505If you’re not sold on this experience… here’s a fun little Waffle House list in which I borrowed the feature image for this post 🙂

Try it… enjoy!


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