Linville Falls

I’ve been roaming around since I’ve moved. I like the inclines and the change in altitude. I like the calmness and the change of pace.

It’s about as rugged as I get. I’ve never camped and still haven’t. I’ve been enjoying the scenery, it’s beautiful, but let’s be real, I don’t do bugs or scary things like snakes and bears.

Regardless, Linville Falls was added to the list. It’s a short hike, but beautiful. I would recommend going early because it happened to get quite busy as the day went on.


The views are incredible though. We saw people fishing and wading in the water. I could have sat and watched the world go by. My hammock wasn’t in my possession yet so I couldn’t simply prop up and chill. I’ll want to go back and find two trees to just enjoy life in.

IMG_0134If you’re looking for a short, but impactful hike definitely check out Linville. A great place to take a time out.


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