City Smoke

I went downtown for a foodie event. Or at least I thought it was a foodie event. Normal people would probably consider it to be, but when I have a foodie event I plan on eating… a lot. I pretty much make sure that I have enough room in my tummy that anything is possible.

The city had other plans, though. I’d already spent all the coins I’d bought and was still starving. The portions were teeny and I was ready to eat my face off. Not knowing much about downtown, I headed towards the EpiCenter since I knew there were restaurants there. Along the way, I glanced into City Smoke and was sold on eating there…Well.. after I stood outside and checked out the menu. I’m weird and didn’t want to go inside before committing.

What we ended up with:


Baby carrots that were oh so flavorful and the perfect side. I wanted the mashed potatoes, but I’m trying to be somewhat good and veggies are important. Totally worth it!


Pulled rotisserie chicken sandwich. Delish!! I love rotisserie chicken. I think there’s something homie about it and makes a great side or main item. This sandwich was the perfect size and the aioli was a perfect addition. IMG_8708

Wedge salad with rotisserie chicken and ranch. I mean… just look at that picture. You’re drooling!

Unfortunately no dessert was ordered…I’m saving myself for next time! I forgot to take a picture of my drink – it was a perfect summer drink. I slurped it right up.

In addition to the food – the service was great. Nate was our server and he seemed to love what he does. At no point did he seem annoyed with my questions and perfectly explained the menu. He wasn’t overbearing but also touched base with us the perfect amount. When we left his manager was very polite and made small conversation about the Jaguars.

I’ll definitely go back and am so glad we stumbled upon this restaurant!


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