Food, fun, laughter:  Greensboro 

I find it funny when I’m heading to another city and other people set my expectations a certain way. No one really had advice on what to do or where to go in Greensboro so I didn’t really have a starting point. Well, maybe a starting point… I’d bought tickets to see Louis C.K. and while I wasn’t sure what brought him to North Carolina, I was determined to see him live again. Plus, the proceeds from the show were going to Equality NC and I am very proud to have been part of the $180,000 that was donated.

With the evening plans in mind, I needed lunch and breakfast to fill my tummy with some happiness. I checked out Yelp and had two promising places that I added to my quick-trip plans.

First stop: lunch. Freeman’s Grub & Pub. 

Loved the vibe. The decor was great and I could tell the details were very thought out. I accidentally ordered a bourbon – long story! Even though it was only noon I didn’t get tipsy until after I ate because… Well… You need food to drink!

So I ordered a chicken – bacon sandwich with salt and pepper fries and the boyfriend ordered bison meatloaf with a side of Mac and cheese.

I was happy and tipsy and it wasn’t very late in the day! We checked in to the hotel but the power went out… In the entire area! So we went to a hookah bar to entertain ourselves before the show. No words needed to say how awesome the was. That’s a given!

The next morning we went to Smith Street Diner. It’s somewhat small inside so we waited for a little while, but the service and food was quick! The biscuits were massive, but not as moist as I would have liked. Overall though, breakfast for two for less than $20! A very pleasant breakfast and the staff was a fun bunch.

Now that I know how close Greensboro is, send me some recommendations! I’d love to see more of the area and try some amazing food finds.


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