131 Main

Since I moved, I’ve heard a lot of fun things about 131 Main and its presence in Mooresville and Charlotte. Then I even saw a 131 Main in Asheville and I knew I needed to check it out. Lucky for me restaurant week came along and it really was the perfect opportunity to see what 131 Main is about.

The menu for Charlotte Restaurant week was pretty inclusive. I really thought that the servings would be small, but not at all! They were full size servings and honestly I needed to be rolled out of there when I was done.

To start – a caesar salad and cast iron cornbread. SO DELICIOUS! I was also full after the appetizer. I was determined to finish the cornbread. I even debated ordering another to go so I could simply eat it all week. If you are hesitant about jalapeño, don’t be with the cornbread. It’s so worth it.


Then for dinner… the ribeye and the slow-roasted chicken. Most importantly though: the mashed potatoes. Those mashed potatoes. Some of the best I’ve had in awhile. Similar to the cornbread, I didn’t want the mashed potatoes to end. Obviously the meat was good (the chicken was perfectly falling off the bone) and so were the fries, but if you can get mashed potatoes in lieu of fries, do it!

Then it was dessert time. I was torn between wanting a smaller dessert and wanting the perfect dessert. Getting the perfect dessert worked in my favor, although I truly could not eat it all. Key lime pie and strawberry shortcake. I must say, I really wasn’t sure how dessert would be, because I feel as though places that specialize in meat don’t always have great dessert. The desserts had the perfect flavor though. And if you like strawberries, the shortcake is incredible. It was such a generous amount of fruit and a lot of places usually skimp on fresh fruit and this was heaping! The key lime pie also had a great crust and a nice tart flavor.


If you have the opportunity to check out 131 Main – or if you just want a delicious dinner out and you’ve been there before – definitely go. I’m really looking forward to going back. Especially that cornbread.


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