Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Cake: Baked

I’m trying to change things up a bit lately. I started taking crossfit fundamentals classes because I needed to kick things in to gear a little bit. Trust me, I’m taking it slow. At least in terms of crossfit. Over the weekend I went to a fundamentals class, plus ran a little more than 4.5 miles, plus yoga. My body hurts. I feel muscles I never knew I had. And I needed a fitness break. Not a long break, just a break. So I looked to my bookshelf as I normally do when I need a break and instead of going in for a fantasy world, I picked a baking book.


Since I moved to Charlotte I’ve made a couple of things – mostly for potlucks or birthday events, but nothing really just because I needed to get some of the creative juices flowing. So when I was eyeballing my bookshelf I pulled out Baked Occasions. I’ve actually never made anything out of this book and I’ve had it for a little while so I thought now would be the perfect occasion even if there really wasn’t an actual occasion.


After flipping through multiple times, I landed on Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Cake. Seemed right up my alley for the day. Sour cream cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yummy. It’s actually in the recipe book for Martha Stewart’s birthday. So maybe I was simply channeling a belated Martha Stewart birthday? Either way, she has a good one and I would love to have a birthday cake named after me. Life goals. Anyway, I followed the directions exactly minus the cinnamon part. I think I accidentally put in half a tablespoon when it called for a teaspoon… but honestly it was so good. This cake basically tasted like a snickerdoodle, but in cake form. I’d make the mistake over and over again. It’s nice and moist and ultimately I can get on board with it being everyone’s favorite birthday cake.



The book also has a way to make the cake a little bit healthier…but ya know…why? I wanted a cake to settle all the awesome workouts I had done. And it did a great job. The cake isn’t even heavy. You don’t feel blah after eating it. It’s light and fluffy and a happy cake. It might not be part of my healthy eating to align with crossfit, but you know what? I know what went into the cake. I measured all of the ingredients. And that, friends, really is a lot of the battle.



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