Tupelo Honey [Charlotte]

During a bachelorette weekend in Asheville I went to Tupelo Honey. I didn’t go to the original, but I was still pretty impressed so I wanted to see if the locations outside of Asheville still had the same fun vibes, but more importantly, the same incredible biscuits and food in general.

And you know what? Heck yes they do!

I made reservations for brunch, because they do brunch everyday and I’ve been told the wait is insane – plus I experienced the long wait in Asheville and after a morning of working out didn’t want to do that again. By the time I sat I was pretty ravenous so the reservations really worked out. 

To begin with, they bring a biscuit per person at the table plus a side of (what I think is) homemade jam and a bottle of honey. I like my biscuits plain, but I did try the options… And I still like my biscuits plain, but the boyfriend liked the biscuit plus honey. Honestly, the are done so well that plain is really really good, but you do you! We all have our preferences.

For the meal I ordered the fried chicken salad and my boyfriend ordered the chicken and gravy with a side of extra gravy. 

The salad was delicious. I asked for it without the cheese crumbles. If I’m not mistaken, Tupelo makes their own ranch and it sits so perfectly with the chicken. It’s not too heavy of a dressing and has a really nice hint of pepper that kind of kicks at the end. The salad is a commonly used combination among restaurants, but I think Tupelo pulls it off really nicely. Not only did I eat every bite, but I was full. From a salad. Not something that usually happens to me unless the salad is massive.

The chicken and biscuits were also delicious. If you get it, also get a side of extra gravy. The biscuits soak it up so nicely so at some point you need to toss the rest in. The gravy is nice. It’s the right consistency for a southern gravy and also offers a similar but different kick as the ranch. I’m always impressed with a full bodied anything at restaurants like this, because this restaurant is definitely a work horse.

Whether it’s in Charlotte or Asheville, I’ll be back to Tupelo… With reservations. Plus I really want to get their drink that comes in a pineapple…


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