Copper – Modern Indian Cuisine

I love Indian food. In Jacksonville I had one place I went to every single time I was craving some spice. Not only that, I had my dish. Veggie Korma. Add some garlic naan to that. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Dipping naan into curry of some sort is terrific. Possibly even therapeutic. If you haven’t tried it, you have to. Just have to.

So I’ve had kind of a hard time finding an Indian place that really tickles my fancy. I know I’m not being fair because I’ve been trying the same meal and expecting the same results. It doesn’t work like that and I know better. While I live slightly outside of Charlotte, I have quite a few friends that live in the city and I’ve been seeking some opinion on where I should go for some great Indian food. I’ve even been hearing the same results from people who live outside of the city.

Unanimously: Copper.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical based on their website. It just seems a little upscale based on the website alone – which the website does accurately represent the space – it’s beautiful. Some of the best Indian I’ve had has just been in a hole in the wall space that makes you feel as though there might be a hint of questionable so I was worried that Copper may take out some of the hidden things that make an Indian joint so good.

Guess who was wrong!?


I ordered chicken tikka masala – I know, pretty common – but everyone told me it is the best they’ve ever had. So, why not, right? Right. And everyone is accurate in their judgment call. The dish is so flavorful and not too spicy for those that don’t ask about spice. I know you can request something spicier than the usual because I heard someone next to me ask. I don’t think the dish needs to be spicier, though. The chunks of chicken are cooked nicely. You can slice the chunks with your fork, mix them in the sauce a little more, pile onto your naan… You get my drift, right? I could actually eat it again right now. The garlic naan was your usual, I’m not sure you can mess up naan too much. Don’t take that the wrong way, though. Naan, to me, is a necessity for this meal. I’d rather have naan than the rice. I always have some rice, but I could live without it. I can’t live without naan. Just one of those requirements. Maybe it’s because I’m from England, but okay. We all have our things.


We also ordered a margarita – of which I can’t quite remember the name. In lieu of salt around the rim it had licorice – an Indian twist on a pretty casual drink. The licorice does begin to overpower the drink since the margarita isn’t exceptionally strong, but it’s cool and if you’re looking for something different it’s worth a try.


For dessert I ordered the Three “Excuses”. It’s Molten Chocolte Cake, Gulab Jamun, Baileys Kulfi. The presentation – like all of the food – was gorgeous. I could have honestly been perfectly happy without the dessert. I think my boyfriend would agree and he ordered the sorbet and gelato. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t bad at all, I think we had really loaded up on the meal and the meal was so flavorful and delicious that the dessert just could not compete to the main event.


Overall, I was really happy with my Copper experience. If I lived closer to the area I would have a real problem, because I would have found my new regular spot. Instead, Copper will have to be a special event for me. I’ll make reservations though, because while it wasn’t busy when I arrived at 6 pm, it was packed around 7:30.


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