Social Darkness

I’ve done this before. I’ve picked a time to not use social media. Last time I even cut out television. I can’t even remember when I did it last time or how long it was, but I don’t remember noticing much. I would love to say that I was as dependent on social then as I am now, but I don’t think that was the case. Or maybe I just happen to be handling it differently. Last time, I planned it. I made the decision to stop. It was a challenge to myself and I was prepared. I read a lot of books. More books than I usually do at least.
This time is a bit different.

butternut squash soup I made for the challenge!

Right now I’m doing the Whole Life Challenge. The Whole Life Challenge takes multiple aspects of life and tries to have you focus on everyday things that you may have an issue with. For instance: not eating certain foods – of which I am doing very poorly. You also set goals in terms of water consumption, sleep minimums, and taking time to reflect. There’s also a lifestyle portion in which each week you are given a task. The first week was meditation, the second week was decluttering, and this week it is focused around staying off social. And I found out about it on Thursday- the challenge began on Saturday.

No time to plan! Also, I forgot to tell people. Not telling the masses about this challenge wasn’t such a big deal, but I didn’t tell anyone… even the people I would be hanging out with when I made a trip home. Woops! I had to text a friend to let her know so that if anyone messaged in the Twitter chat we had going that she could respond for me. I’m certain I was really annoying. Even better than that, I still have the notification bubbles turned on so it’s like those fun little messages are poking fun at me…making sure I know that I’m missing out.

But am I?

beach walks with my camera!

So far I’ve mostly missed Instagram. Twitter would come in second place. And it’s also really annoying to try and meal plan without Pinterest. All in all though, the point the challenge is trying to make is correct – how much time do I waste on the regular just roaming social media? A lot. My phone is always dying. And while I haven’t read a lot since it’s started (I’ve been traveling), I have picked up some other things. I’ve been taking a ton more pictures with my camera – and not just of food. I’ve also been more present in the moment – even when it’s simply watching TV – but there’s a lot more room for TV conversation, which is actually kind of nice. I’ve made more time for exercise, too. I’m also not as jaded about my days and how I spend them. I have yet to worry about why I’m not living it up in some other country, some other state, or just about not knowing how to enjoy my new city.

Do I think I’ll keep up with it forever? No…but I wouldn’t be opposed to taking a social break once a quarter. This would give me some awesome time to realign my priorities and make sure that my life is on its own track, not someone else’s.


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